Are your boxwood overgrown?

Do you wish that they were smaller but do not want to cut them down?

Are your boxwood yellow, bronzed, or simply not healthy in appearance?

Are you planting boxwood and need help with site selection?

Because of special needs or circumstances, a detailed analysis of a site or plants may be called for. Dr. Stephen Southall, owner of English Boxwoods of Virginia, provides consultation for those individuals who wish to pursue a professional analysis of their boxwood and location.

Many people have boxwood, not because they have planted them but they have been acquired through buying a home. Many also, very much appreciate the heritage and the value that boxwood have but are not familiar with the maintenance procedures necessary to keep them healthy. Maintaining English boxwood is not really difficult or time consuming but the knowledge of how to properly maintain and care for them is critical to their health, beauty, and survivability.

Just as we engage in routine preventative maintenance of our teeth by going to the dentist and our cars by having them serviced, our boxwood, which have a substantial value also need to be maintained in a proper manner.

Consultations on English Boxwoods
  • Soil analysis – analysis of pre-consult soil sample with special emphasis on soil pH
  • Health analysis – assessment of color and any disease or pests which may be present
  • Conditioning program –- recommendations concerning the size and density of the plants and thinning needed
  • Planting feasibility – assessing suitability (sun/shade, type of soil etc.) of your location for planting English boxwood
  • Healthy environment – analysis of the organic matter and drainage of your soil
  • Pruning/plucking – a first-hand lesson on how to pluck your plants properly to shape and to reduce them from your walks, driveways, and hand railings
  • Yearly maintenance schedule – recommendation on the best time to carry out various tasks with your boxwood