Wonderful news for you and your garden – deer absolutely HATE English boxwood. Many of you know of the wonderful aroma that an English boxwood has, well that is apparently what repels them. Our home is at the end of a street and there are woods on three sides of us – a wonderful playground for deer. In the 30 years that I have been raising boxwood, I have never had any damaged by deer. There are plenty around as they cheerfully eat most other flowers and shrubs in the yard, but NEVER a boxwood. I have often thought of designing a circular garden of boxwood with other flowers etc. in the middle. My sense is that it would not prevent the deer from getting to the plants in the middle because deer do not seem to mind walking among boxwood but they simply will not eat them. In the beds that I have that are filled with pots, I often find many turned sideways etc. and I know it is from deer walking through them, but never any evidence of eating them.

So, if you want to landscape your yard with a plant that is totally deer resistant, then choose an English boxwood – An English Boxwood of VA, of course.


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