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English Boxwoods of Virginia will always provide the most beautiful specimen plants of the finest quality, shape and color.

In 2018 a major flood of College Lake in Lynchburg destroyed the total inventory of smaller container plants. That event coupled with the move to Hartfield has temporarily delayed our production of the smaller container size plants. We are in the process of enlarging that inventory. 

In order to always provide top quality specimen plants, plants are grown throughout the field acreage in Hartfield. Sometimes even within the same general location, there are always slight differences in soils, exposures, and light/shade combinations which affect plants. Our various growing locations help to ensure that anomalies of nature and other phenomena which may adversely affect one area will not affect other areas.

Whenever an order is taken, Stephen will handle it personally. He will talk with you about the time of year for most successful planting, work with you concerning  the choice of size, and he will pick out and dig only the most beautiful plants to meet your landscaping needs. Plants may be picked up in Hartfield or delivery can be provided in our enclosed trailer.